Carrie Fisher explains to a little boy what ‘bipolar’ means, at Indiana Comic Con 2015.

I love her so much.

I will always reblog this because it’s the best description of bi-polar I have EVER seen.

(Especially to people who don’t understand what mania means. You aren’t HAPPY, you’re very fast.)

It was SO important to 15-year-old me to learn that PRINCESS LEIA (whose hair I have envied since age 7, btw) was bi-polar.

she is so good and i love her so much, and so so much for TALKING about everything so frankly. (without losing an ounce of her humor).

[gifset of Carrie Fisher sitting in front of a microphone and saying, “It’s kind of like a virus of the brain. It makes you go very fast or very sad. Or both. Those are fun days. So, judgment isn’t one of my big good things. But I have a good voice. I can write well. I’m not a good bicycle rider. Just like everybody else, only louder and faster, and sleeps more.” ]

This is so spot on.

I Don’t Know What To Title This

I’m sorry for the lack of NaNoWriMo updates. I actually haven’t written anything else since I surpassed 50K because of the craziness surrounding Thanksgiving preparation and the holiday itself. I think I might get back at it tonight, mostly because I need the distraction that the story could give me.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday (if you’re in the US). I had a really nice Thanksgiving, thankfully. My brother and I went to my family’s house where we had a pleasant and delicious meal. Then, we came back to my house where my partner, JD, had made a scrumptious meal for all of us and a few friends. My cousins came over for a few hours, too, so that was nice. 

Tonight I got some news that has made me pretty sad. I don’t want to go into specifics here, but it’s made me feel like I could use a good cry, and if you know me at all, you know I don’t cry. I’ll just say that it really sucks when someone you love disappoints you, and it sucks even more when you have to watch the people you love the most be in pain and there’s nothing you can do about it. I wish I could take all their pain into myself. 

In other, much better news, I got another copy of Growth Spurt back from a beta reader today, and she went all out with notes. Really, the amount of effort she took in her reading of the book is quite touching. I’m excited to read everything she has to say. She wrote a very kind note about the story and the characters which means a lot to me. It pretty much verified exactly what I’m trying to do with this book, so yay for that! 🙂

Oh, I’ve recently started doing the “Morning Pages” every day. I’m hoping it will help boost my creativity/productivity. I don’t really understand the difference between it and journaling yet, which I have done for as long as I can remember, but we’ll see. Do any of you do Morning Pages? What are your thoughts on them?

Anyway, that’s it, y’all. I’m going to try to write a more personal-style blog post at least once a week from here on out. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that with any regularity. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing more from me. 

When I was writing…I was working in nightlife…I’d work on the book on my nights off, very hopped up on caffeine. The beauty of night writing is that you cannot be distracted by business hours chores like going to the bank or grocery shopping. You fill the dark and silence with words. Each night, I’d make a pot of coffee, then drink from this huge mug whose capacity meant less time wasted refilling. Besides the big ass mug of coffee, I have another requirement for writing: soft pants. I cannot get work done wearing jeans. Denim conspires to make you aware of its texture at all times. So I have a drawer full of writing bottoms. Many of them have holes in exactly the same place in the butt from sitting. I call them my battle wounds.